Erica & Mathew

What was your ring buying experience like?

E: Mathew designed my engagement ring and wedding band and every time I look at my hand it amazes me! This ring started as a SKETCH in his notebook. I’m not in shock that I’m engaged, I’m in awe of how talented and thoughtful he is. Every single detail was purposeful, and for the first time he was the client in this design process... Making Chelsea do 12 rounds of revisions; giving her a sketch and having her make from scratch what he wanted... Pushing her creatively.

M: The process was overall very simple and rewarding, Chelsea was always quick to respond and to develop my ideas into physical concepts and ideas, capturing what I wanted to achieve with my idea. I couldn't be happier with the result.

Why did you choose Honey Designs to design your ring?

M: Honey Designs was chosen based on a personal friendship with Chelsea, and her ability to create unique pieces and to capture ideas so successfully while working with a client.

What surprised you the most?

E: In our relationship he thinks of every detail and how to make my day the best it can be everyday so it didn’t surprise me when he wanted to perfect every detail of this. Whenever I look at this ring it just reminds me of his heart, hard-work, thoughtful loving soul and how great of a husband he will be!! Not the cookie-cutter ‘pick it out of a case’... And Mathew is not the cookie-cutter kinda guy.

M: Seeing the rings in full 3D renderings was the most surprising aspect of this process, as opposed to selecting from a catalog or a boring interface, each concept and idea was brought to life and was able to be viewed in full 3D. This allowed for feedback and modifications to be made very quickly.

What do you love most about your ring?

E: Flashy isn’t my style but this isn’t flashy - This ring is my Fiancé’s heart and soul for a couple months. The middle stone represents our relationship and he wanted it to be celebrated like our relationship — so he says, this is why he wanted me to be able to see the point of the diamond. There are 16 diamonds around and we were married on January 16. 2016.

M: How closely it captures the energy and the main idea of the original conversation with Chelsea. I had a vision for this ring early on, and had a hard time dictating the details and what i was looking for, she was able to convert my ramblings into a feasible concept.

How did you meet?

E: I met Mathew in Columbus, Ohio during an internship I had here. Yes I was the intern and he was a senior designer at the time. We started chatting then once I moved back to Cincinnati, Ohio we continued to date for a year and half long distance.

Where was your first date?

E: The first place Mathew and I went out was to a Happy Hour at Bakersfield, Short north, and we both consider that our first date. I could not tell you anything about the happy hour. I remember just talking and getting to know Mathew for hours upon hours. We have chatted and hangout everyday since!

Where’s your favorite hidden gem in Columbus?

E: Beechwold Diner in Clintonville/Beechwold area is a secret dirty diner breakfast spot we love! Cheap food, large amounts, great for fitness bulking ;)

What other local Columbus businesses do you love?

E: I do not have a strong pull towards local businesses but my husband loves all of the local breweries.

Favorite Way to Spend a Date Day/Night:

E: Mathew and I cannot get away from Bakersfield. We hate that we continue to go there and do not branch out more since we’re both outgoing and explorers. They just have such great margs and we now have bartender friends!