Kristin & Dustin

What was your ring buying experience like?

K: No pressure and creative; loved the beers and informality. I feel with other places they try to hook you. I know that we wanted something different and Chelsea embraced it and thought it was awesome.

D: We met several times about the ring. There was no pressure to buy, Chelsea just guided me through the process. She also gave me proposal tips and set up a photographer for the proposal.

Why did you choose Honey Designs to design your ring?

K: Dustin chose Honey Designs via Reddit! We knew we did not want to go to a “box” store or something typical. I am so glad we went this route.

D: I wanted to find something more unique than the stores in the mall. I also like the idea of working with local businesses.

What surprised you the most?

K: The flexibility and the creative process. I also loved the ring boxes, so special. We loved seeing the renderings and seeing the possibilities. We also wanted something non-diamond so it was great to see the different options.

D: Chelsea could meet with me about the ring process over beers.

What do you love most about your ring?

K: The uniqueness. No one else has my ring and I love that. I also love that we picked it out and designed it together.

D: I love the gemstone.

How did you meet?

K: See, it works!

D: We met on

Where was your first date?

K: Arthur’s in Hyde Park, we had dinner on December 26th and talked for over 3 hours.

D: Arthur’s in Hyde Park.

Where’s your favorite hidden gem in Cincy?

K: Lots of good places to eat in Milford! Pickles and Bones for BBQ and 20 Brix for wine and the Nature Center.

D: Pickles and Bones in Milford, Best BBQ in Cincinnati.

What other local Cincinnati businesses do you love?

K: All of OTR, of course mostly food places. Django in Northside.

D: Bite, Roads Rivers & Trails, both in Milford.

Favorite Way to Spend a Date Day/Night:

K: Staying home, grilling steak & enjoying down time. Day date: Hiking at Cincinnati Nature Center with Samson, our dog.

D: Hiking at the Cincinnati Nature Center.

Proposal Photography by Amy Oliver
Flowers by Katie's Blooms