Jessica & Mike

What was your ring buying experience like?

M: My ring buying experience was great. Chelsea is on her game and was able to answer every question I had and even gave me ideas on how to propose and cool places to do it. She also added in Amy Oliver who did an amazing job getting pictures of the proposal and now have some of those pictures hanging in our house.

Why did you choose Honey Designs to design your ring?

M: I heard about it through my fiancรฉ and a lot of happy customers who recommended Chelsea, as I would in the future to anyone looking to pop the big question.

What surprised you the most?

M: I guess what surprised me the most was how easy the process was. I met with Chelsea once to figure out what ring we wanted and once to pick it up.

What do you love most about your ring?

M: My favorite thing about the ring is how proud she is to wear it and how much she stares at it. Buying an engagement ring is stressful for us guys but she absolutely loves it so that makes me feel good. She says what she likes most about it is that it was made with love and that it is the ring she has always dreamed of wearing from the man she has always wanted to to put it on her finger. Those are her words exactly.

How did you meet?

M & J: We actually met in middle school and went to high school together but never dated then. We were in the same circle of friends and she moved out of state after High School and we connected again at a friends wedding back here in Cincinnati. Never would have thought  the person I have been waiting for was right under my nose almost my whole life but boy am I a lucky guy.

Where was your first date?

M: Our first date was at BJ's which is her favorite restaurant.

Whereโ€™s your favorite hidden gem in Cincinnati?

M & J: One of our favorite hidden gems in Cincinnati is the Incline Public House in Price Hill. We also have a condo in Price Hill which is how we found the Incline so that is definitely another hidden gem that we love.

What other local businesses do you love?

M & J: Some other local businesses we love are LaRosa's and Cincy Shirts.

Favorite Way to Spend a Date Day/Night:

M & J: Our favorite way to spend a date night is having a picnic on the floor of our living room, jamming to some music and having a drink together.

Proposal Photography by Amy Oliver