Stephany & Sam

What was your ring buying experience like?

Steph: I didn’t buy the ring, but I know that Sam has told me over and over that Chelsea made the process really transparent and easy for him to understand!

Sam: It was awesome! Chelsea was amazing and super knowledgeable. The ring is absolutely gorgeous and my fiance and I could not be any happier.

Why did you choose Honey Designs to design your ring?

Steph: I know Honey Designs came recommended from a friend of ours who had recently gotten engaged, and I’m glad because now my best friend and I have rings by the same designer!

Sam: My friend David recommended her to me after using her for his own proposal. I knew if David trusted her to design his ring, she'd be the perfect person to help me out.

What surprised you the most?

Steph: The detail that was taken in creating the ring, the level to which my fiance could be involved and how much care Chelsea took to make sure we were satisfied after the proposal!

Sam: The thing that surprised me the most was the overall ease of the whole process. I expected to have to jump through thousands of hoops, but Chelsea made it super easy for me.

What do you love most about your ring?

Steph: The diamond is SO clear. I can tell how personal it was for my fiance to create it and its unique but classic looking.

Sam: The thing I love most about the ring is that its unique and classic at the same time. Chelsea took everything that I told her I wanted and made it happen. I absolutely love it.

How did you & your significant other meet?

Steph: Sam showed up in my Sophomore year English class. He was seated next to me and we worked on an Edgar Allen Poe in class project together before he got transferred into another class two weeks later. The church I was attending at the time owned a private school where most of my friends attended and they had services on Friday nights. Once my junior year of high school began, a lot of my friends told me I had to meet the new family that had come to the school. I was sitting in church one Friday night when my friends told me the new family to the school was there, I turned around and I realized one of the members of the new family was Sam! We remarked about what a small world it was, and by the end of high school we had become really good friends. 5 years passed with us as best friends until we finally attended a wedding together and realized we should basically never attend another wedding (or any event really) without each other again.

Sam: My family and I moved from Cincinnati, OH to Florence, KY in December of my sophomore year of high school. I ended up having to switch schools and ended up in her English class. We hit it off decently after working on a class project together and then my class schedule got switched and I ended up being put in a different English class. I didn't see her much for the rest of the year, just hi and bye in the hallway. I didn't care for the school much and decided to switch to a private Christian school. One day one of my friends invited me to a church service on a Friday night and when I walked in I saw her sitting on the front row. We reintroduced ourselves to each other and became best friends. Five years later I kissed her in the Crestview Hills Town Center. Eight years later I asked her to marry me and the rest is history.

Where was your first date?

Steph: The complexities of the millennial relationships: technically our first date was in German Village in Columbus before the wedding. We went to The Book Loft and Stauf Coffee. Officially, it was at Newport Pizza Company in Newport, Kentucky for $10 pizza Monday.

Sam:This is a topic of debate for us haha. "Unofficially," we had our first date at the Book Loft in German Village up in Columbus, OH. "Officially" our first date was at the Newport Pizza Company for $10 pizza day.

Where’s your favorite hidden gem in Cincinnati?

Steph: I have too many to count. I love Alms Park for a peaceful Sunday afternoon, I love walking by the Historic houses in Covington, Kentucky and I love going to Corinthian for chicken, bacon, ranch pizza (the most underrated pizza in Cincinnati!)

Sam: This question is borderline impossible to answer for foodies like us haha. Steph has taken me to Terry's Turf Club for my birthday every year for the last five years. It's the best burger in Cincinnati. You can @ me on that haha.

Favorite Way to Spend a Date Day/Night:

Steph: We love food so much and we love the community spaces that coffee shops create so we’re usually spending our money doing one of those two things. We’ve also learned that we love to cook together so any time we can spend the whole day cooking a big meal and then binge watch some Netflix  is always special for us.

Sam: We love FOOD, any Art Museum ever, movies, live music, record stores, finding a new Cincy spot, and anything coffee.

Proposal Photography by Loren Danae Photography