Jenny & Michael

What was your ring experience like?

J: Our experience was probably unique in that I was involved in the design process from the beginning.  I loved how inclusive and open Chelsea was to me being involved.  I'm sure it was difficult for her on occasion to balance my thoughts and opinions with Michael's, but she didn't let it show and kept the atmosphere light.

M: Chelsea made the experience painless for me.  She made everything easy from beginning to the end, incorporating both of our wishes into the perfect custom design.  She was always flexible and accommodating, whether it was time to meet up for a design session or pick up the ring, Chelsea was able to work around time schedule.

Why did you choose Honey Designs for your ring experience?

J: Chelsea is one of our closest friends so when we found out she was starting her business, there was no other choice!

M: We chose Honey Designs because we wanted something unique.  Chelsea made us completely comfortable with the process from the beginning till the end.  There was never any pressure to speed up the process (I was slow on the detailed decision making) or go with a design we were unsure of.  

What surprised you the most?

J: Even though I was involved in the process, Chelsea helped Michael to make sure that when the ring was ready, he still surprised with how he gave it to me.  Chelsea went the extra mile to ensure that the entire experience was flawless from start to finish.

M: The level of service was the greatest surprise!  Chelsea was not only integral in making our custom design come to life, but she also wanted to make our engagement extra-special for Jenny.  She made sure we had everything in order (dessert included) to ensure it went perfectly.

What do you love most about your ring?

J: There are too many things to list just one!  I love how sparkly the diamond is; I love how simple, but unique it is; I love the sapphires which have significance to us!  I especially love how it's exactly what I wanted and I'm the only one that will have this design :)

M: I love how simple the design is, yet it's full of intricate details at the same time.

How did you meet?

J: Michael and I actually went to some grade school together and then later, high school, but we never had one conversation.  Luckily we have some mutual friends from high school and about eight years after graduation, we met up with the same people during the holidays.  After that, we friended each other on Facebook and got to know one another!

M: Jenny and I went to the same elementary school together and attended the same high school but we had entirely different groups of friends and didn't meet until several years after college while home over the holidays.  We reconnected through a mutual friend who married one of Jenny's friends.

Where was your first date?

J: I believe our first official date was getting lunch in Granville, OH.

M: Flying over Newark and Granville in an N60233 followed by Lunch at Brews Cafe.

Whereโ€™s your favorite hidden gem in Cincy?

J: Plainfolk Cafe is a new one we just discovered out in the middle of nowhere!

M: Our neighbors introduced us to a little place in Pleasant Plain called the Plain Folk Cafe.  It's located in an old school house.  They have live (usually folk) music Thursday - Sunday.   

What other local Cincinnati businesses do you love?

J: Valley Vineyards and Golden Lamb

M: We really enjoy the Golden Lamb in Lebanon and most of the local breweries.

Favorite Way to Spend a Date Day/Night:

J: I love when we're able to make dinner and have a few drinks and relax at home with the hounds.  I also love when we're able to go hiking and finish it with a cold beer and good food.

M: Our favorite place, day or night, is spending time in northern Michigan.