Sharing Their Love for honey designs...

I’ve been engaged for about a month now & the wedding is in 87 days!! Flashy isn’t my style but this isn’t flashy - This ring is my Fiancé’s heart and soul for a couple months. Mathew designed my engagement ring and wedding band and every time I look at my hand it amazes me! This ring started as a SKETCH in his notebook. I’m not in shock that I’m engaged, I’m in awe of how talented and thoughtful he is. Every single detail was purposeful, and for the first time he was the client in this design process... Making the jewelry designer do 12 rounds of revisions; giving her a sketch and having her make from scratch what he wanted... Pushing her creatively. In our relationship he thinks of every detail and how to make my day the best it can be everyday so it didn’t surprise me when he wanted to perfect every detail of this. Whenever I look at this ring it just reminds me of his heart, hard-work, thoughtful loving soul and how great of a husband he will be!! Not the cookie-cutter ‘pick it out of a case’... And Mathew is not the cookie-cutter kinda guy. The middle stone represents our relationship and he wanted it to be celebrated like our relationship — so he says, this is why he wanted me to be able to see the point of the diamond. There are 16 diamonds around and we’re getting married on January 16. 2016. All unplanned, just worked out that way and we’re super excited for Gods plan. Took everything in me to not post my engagement ring but I’m just so darn proud of my Fiancé and have to show off his love and “art-project” he slaved over basically!!
— Erica W
Check out Honey Designs Jewelry who just posted some pictures of this gorgeous ring that I STILL can’t believe is mine! Kyle had a say in every design element and it is totally unique and meaningful in every way because of that. I literally could not be any more in love with the ring or this man ❤ not only is it 100% original and one-of-a-kind, but it is even that much more meaningful because my dear friend and brilliant designer Chelsea was there through the entire process as well. Every time I look down at my hand I can’t help but smile and do a little happy dance and now I get to continue to do so forever and ever and ever.
— Sarah B
I have to thank Chelsea Mead / Honey Designs Jewelry for taking care of Chris during the process of creating my custom ring. He talks all the time about how great she was to work with and how she eased his mind as he made the decision. I can’t speak to the process, but what I can say is this: because I knew a ring was coming, Chelsea was able to ask me what I loved, and I gave her a few things that I really liked. She took that and married (ha) that with what Chris loved and this was what they came up with. I couldn’t be happier.
In addition to the ring, which is enough!, Chelsea also gave us a jewelry cleaner to keep it shiny, a manicure, and a session with Photographs by Amy Oliver, which could be used as an engagement session or to have her take pictures during the proposal. Plus, the box. It’s ridiculous how much I love my box. Isn’t it cute? It’s SO cute!
Chelsea cares about the quality and cares about the end product in a way that a box store just doesn’t. She helped create the ring of my dreams with the man of my dreams, and I am forever grateful to her for it.
LADIES: If you go have a free session with Chelsea, you can get a manicure. You tell her what kinds of things you like, get sized, and then when it’s time, you can send your man to her so he knows what he’s doing. Perfect, right?
MEN: If you buy a ring somewhere else, you’re making a mistake. And spending more money than you would by visiting Chelsea. Chris will be the first to tell you how he went into the process with no idea what he wanted and came out with something we both loved.
— Chris D