Who helps design the engagement ring?

Every couple is different; some recipients want to be completely surprised, while others want to be a part of the process, or a little of both. That choice is up to the couple, where we can accommodate your preferred experience.

Where is the jewelry fabricated?

Everything is fabricated here in the beautiful United States of America.

Do you design jewelry other than engagement rings?

Absolutely! We can create unique pendant, earring, and ring designs as well.

What if I have my own diamonds/gemstones?


How much should I expect to spend for custom design?

The great thing about custom design is that we can create the perfect piece to accommodate your own diamond(s) and gemstones.

That's one of the best thing about working with a custom design business; the bulk of the cost is determined by your unique budget. I can recommend budgeting anywhere around $1,000 for the ring/pendant mounting itself, which includes tax, etc.