Maria & Joe

What was your ring buying experience like?

M: It was a great experience and very easy to communicate the desired ring.

J: Chelsea was great!!! After our first meeting, we did a lot of digital communication (great in this day and age). She even sent me a video of the ring once it came in, and I was confident enough that I did not pick up the ring until a few days before the big day. She did an excellent job of helping us design the ring (which was more Maria anyway), and most importantly for me, keep me in line with the planning of the event.  I am the type of guy to wait till the last minute for things and, of course, We had a couple snafus with the original planning, so we had to put amend some things. Chelsea helped me with my nerves and trying to keep my wits about me while re-structuring the night.  

Why did you choose Honey Designs to design your ring?

M: Honey designs was suggested to us by a co-worker that had previously had a wonderful experience.

J: We were introduced to Honey Designs by a close friend. He told me about custom designing and the whole package deal. I immediately knew this was the right place for me, so we set an appointment and the rest went from there.

What surprised you the most?

M: I was surprised most by how wonderful the ring looked in the end result since it was not something that was tangible to see until after being made.

J: The options.... So many different paths we could have taken, and we were able to get dialed down to what Maria really wanted. I also was surprised with the different options for stones. We looked at multiple stones including different colored diamonds, but eventually landed on the Emerald!

What do you love most about your ring?

M: I love how unique it is and that I was able to design it myself.

J: Aside from the fact Maria LOVES it, I love that her ring is one of a kind. We have seen other Emerald rings, but none of them are like this.

How did you meet?

M: We met at a work function both with other people.  We then started working more closely several months later and decided to give it a go.

J: We met at work... We had both been dating other people when first introduced. As fate would have it, we would eventually both be single and end up in the same office. It just took off from there.

Where was your first date?

M: Marriott

J: Maria and I had hung out several times prior to our first "official date" We did the cliche restaurant and movie, however we had to go to a place that was not busy since we worked together and did not want anyone to see us.... we were just trying to figure out if this was going to be anything real.

Where’s your favorite hidden gem in Cincy?

M: Pilot Inn

J: Pilot inn... It is a hole in the wall, but we like it. Stiff drinks and the bartenders are great. Darts and pool etc.

What other local Cincinnati businesses do you love?

M: I'm not as familiar with Cincinnati growing up in Kentucky so I am still figuring that out.

J: There are so many places. We tend do a lot around the Hyde Park or Northern Kentucky area, but Rusty Bucket in Rookwood, Drakes and Special K in Florence.

Favorite Way to Spend a Date Day/Night:

M: Dinner and drinks then just hanging with some friends.

J: Dinner and drinks, and listening to music. Sometimes with friends, sometimes with Family, sometimes both, but we also enjoy this time together.

Proposal Photography by Jared Barton
Flowers by Katie's Blooms
Engagement After Party at Hotel Covington
Party Bus by Land Force Once Limousine