Ben & Brad

What was your ring experience like?

Ben: The ring was wonderful. It really captured who I was as a person. Masculine with just a little bit of sparkle. Only issue was the the diamonds were raised a bit but Chelsea took care of it right away and had the prongs buffed down.

Brad: Stress-free!  From the moment I reached out to Chelsea I was immediately put at ease with what can be typically be a very stressful and tedious process.  Truthfully, I didn't even know where to begin: style, material, diamonds, etc. - it's all uncharted territory for me.  Luckily, Chelsea helped me quickly identify some perfect options for Ben.  Ben is eccentric yet refined - he's got a huge personality but definitely enjoys the finer things in life.  And if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Ben - you know it had to sparkle!  With the help of some input from my family and his mother and sisters, there was a general consensus on the perfect ring for my perfect husband-to-be!

Why did you choose Honey Designs for your ring experience?

Ben: Because Chelsea’s my best friend

Brad: Ben and I have talked about getting engaged now for nearly the past year.  With that being said - pulling a surprise engagement off without a hitch was going to take some work and definitely some help.  We were fortunate enough to already know Chelsea from mutual friends as Ben is also a small business owner in the Cincinnati area and has had the pleasure to work with Chelsea on events together in the past.  It truly was a no brainer for us!

What surprised you the most?

Ben: The fact that being proposed to was even an option. I actually ruled it out due to other circumstances. So the discreteness was pretty impressive. On everybody's behalf actually.

Brad: The entire process - honestly.  To be more clear - I quickly realized I wasn't just buying a ring.  I was buying an experience that would be remember forever as one of the best days in Ben and I's lives together.  Chelsea travelled across town just to measure one of Ben's rings for me, she lined up a photographer to capture the entire moment, helped with dinner and event planning for the night of the engagement and continued to touch base and remind me that she was available for anything I may need to pull off the engagement successfully.  All while operating at the highest level of discretion as Ben and Chelsea talk almost every day.

What do you love most about your ring?

Ben: How it sparkles. Obviously. Like I mentioned before, I really just enjoy how it captures masculinity with just a little bit of sparkle.

Brad: That it's my custom, one-of-a-kind designed ring for my one-of-a-kind future husband.  Sparkly enough to definitely catch your eye but subtle enough to not always be the center of attention.  *AHEM* - just like my finace!

How did you meet?

Ben: Honestly? We met when I decided to stop looking. I mean, we both met at a straight bar that neither of us have actually ever been too. It was like I was meant to go there that night. I had no idea my whole life was going to change after working into the bar. But, I also blame me being so forward. I cat called him over to me. What can I say? I like what I like. :)

Brad: I was on a canoeing trip with some friends over Memorial Day weekend down in Covington, KY.  We decided to go out in OTR the night before to grab dinner and some drinks.  The moment we walked into Neons Unplugged I immediately noticed Ben from across the restaurant smiling ear to ear and staring directly at me.  I bashfully told myself he was probably looking at someone else as I brushed past him to use the restroom.  On my way back out to the patio, we locked eyes again and this time I knew he was looking at me - I probably turned every shade of red imaginable.  An hour went by and we were getting ready to leave - I was sure the slender, handsome gentleman in the well-tailored jacket and Crest commercial-worthy smile was long gone at this point.  But to my surprised, he reappeared on our way out and from across the patio motioned for me to come over.  No joke, I pointed to myself and looked behind me as if to say: "Who me?"  As I nervously made my way through the crowd I began to quickly see how handsome Ben truly was - I felt so out of place.  We spoke for a few minutes and exchanged numbers.  From that point on, we probably texted back and forth that evening enough times to fill a novel.  One week and 1,432,667 text messages later - Ben came up to Columbus to visit me for our first official date.  We were destined to be together from that moment on!

Where was your first date?

Ben: In Columbus. I actually stayed the night with him. Ironically he took me to a restaurant where our server was somebody he had "shenanigans" with. So that was awkward....for him. I loved every moment of it. Ha.

Brad: Ben and I had our first date in Columbus, OH in the Short North district.  We enjoyed martinis on Bar 23's patio, margaritas at Bakersfield, dinner at Level and an evening of dancing and getting lost in conversation and each other.

Where’s your favorite hidden gem in Cincy?

Ben:  Probably Urbana Cafe. I love that place. It’s quiet and has incredible coffee.

Brad: Ok - so this isn't really in Cincinnati.  But to me, being from Columbus, anything further than one hour down route 71 from Columbus is "Cincinnati".  I would have to say the Ohio Valley Antique Mall.  As much as I give Ben a hard time for "dragging me there" - I secretly love it too.  Even when our day of treasure hunting is a bust, I always cherish the hours of roaming up and down the aisles making each other laugh and spending time together searching for items for our home.

What other local Cincinnati businesses do you love?

Ben: Urbana Cafe, Bloc Coffee, Cheapside Cincinnati. Pretty much any locally owned restaurant or coffee shop.

Brad: Fat Ben's Bakery - obviously! Handzy Shop & Studio, Urbana Cafe, Photographs by Amy Oliver, Maple Wood Kitchen & Bar

Favorite Date Day/Night:

Ben: Date night? It's been too long. I've been so busy we never go out. But if I had to choose I would say Tuesdays. It's quiet out and I don't have to wait to get a table somewhere.

Brad: Recently we took a few days off to spend with my family up along Lake Erie.  I got to show Ben where I grew up, went to school, the house I was raised in.  But the best part of the entire trip was the day we spent with my family playing corn hole along the beach, exploring Put-In-Bay together and making memories all day long that'll I'll cherish forever.  My family views Ben as a part of our family and it warms my heart through and through when we all get to spend time together.