Arielle & Braxton

What was your ring experience like?

A: I love to customize everything I own, and to learn new things. So for me, the experience was perfect. I got to learn about every detail that went into the ring design and creation, choose my diamond, and end up with a personally meaningful ring that I would never have been able to find in a store.

B: This is more an answer for Arielle, as she actually designed and purchased her ring herself.

Why did you choose Honey Designs for your ring experience?

A: I was referred by The Chrises, and I would trust their combined opinions on anything.

What surprised you the most?

A: The connections to other local small businesses. I felt like I discovered a whole network of great people and services - from the ring, to photography, to a “ring reveal”party - Chelsea took care of us from start to finish and made us feel like part of a small community of talented, creative people. I now get to drool over Fat Ben Bakery’s pastries on Instagram, all because of this ring experience.

B: The honesty of it all, and how much Chelsea cared. Chelsea was very upfront about her experience, prices, and what our expectations should be. When Arielle told me what we were doing, I expected there to be a lot of salesperson type behavior. Telling us what we wanted to hear. Trying to upsell us. Things like that. I had seen a lot of jewelers and jewelry salespeople operate, and Chelsea was nothing like what you would expect. She is wonderful, honest, and caring.

What do you love most about your ring?

A: It’s really important to me that the ring is personal. But, I also really love that it’s so sparkly. :)

How did you meet?

A: We met through my old roommate. Braxton came to our Oscar party one year, where for some reason, we had cooked camel sausage.

B: Mutual friends. I knew Arielle's roommate and showed up for an oscar party at her house. Hilariously, I confused Arielle for her sister (who I had met previously), and Arielle was actually trying to set me up with aforementioned roommate. Obviously, Arielle and I hit it off instead.

Where was your first date?

A: I guess our first proper date was at Taste of Belgium on Vine.

B: Nick Ryan's, an upscale dining place in Lexington, Ky. We had done lots of other things, little lunches and cooking dinners and what not, but that was our first traditional "date". Arielle and I are both adventurers of food and drink, and her willingness to go to this place that neither of us had ever been, and knew nothing about, really proved to me she was something else.

Where’s your favorite hidden gem in Cincy?

A: Easy: Taqueria Mercado.

B: Pacific Kitchen, an east Asian food place that does dim sum on weekends. After coming back from New York we searched endlessly for a place that can come close to the authentic Chinese food we experienced there. Pacific Kitchen is the closest we've gotten.

What other local Cincinnati businesses do you love?

A: We make the rounds at Findlay Market pretty much every weekend: PetWants, Eckerlin Meats, Madison's Grocery, Bouchard’s, Colonel De’s, and Market Wines. We love Party Source too - not just for good beer, wine and drink ingredients, but all the snacks and bizarre party supplies they store.

B: Eli's, Cock and Bull, the Eagle, Taqueria Mercado, Boca. All restaurants, haha. This list could go on forever.

Favorite Way to Spend a Date Day/Night:

A: I love going to see shows or exhibits - anything music or art-related. My favorite date was when we saw Mark Mothersbaugh at the Woodward Theater. We even snagged a piece of sheet music when he sent it all soaring off the stage!

B: A spur of the moment brunch or happy hour at one of our favorite establishments. Just grabbing a burger or some fried chicken and a beer. Arielle also makes the best homemade pizza. She does one a week. It is the highlight of my week, food wise.

Engagement Mini Photo Session by Amy Oliver
Party Flowers by Katie's Blooms
Party Treats by Fat Ben's Bakery